Licensed Worker Grants


We have a variety of grants available to our Licensed Workers in the Western District of The Alliance Canada:

Missions Experience Grant - This grant allows for, and is limited to, providing funds towards an Alliance Field experience.

Continuing Education Grant - This is available for those pursuing a specific area of post-graduate education, leadership, or personal development that is demonstrably tied to the ongoing effectiveness of the worker and their church or Global Ministries. 

International Worker Child Development Grant - This grant is for children of current Alliance Canada International Workers with a portable license that are enrolled in an accredited post secondary institution or equivalent biblical institution (including Capernwray or YWAM) on a full-time basis (3 courses or more).

Lay Leader Development Grant - This grant is for lay leaders attending eligible training events alongside Licensed Workers from their church. For every one Licensed Worker paid for by the church, the Western District Office will reimburse the registration cost of two lay leaders. 

Marriage Enrichment Grant - This grant is for married Licensed Workers to participate in a marriage enrichment program of their choice, you arrange for time off and the associated travel expenses, and the WCD will reimburse registration, meals, accommodations, materials, etc.