Bridges of Canada

Bridges of Canada Chaplaincy Services supports the mission and vision of Bridges of Canada’s holistic approach to recovery and accommodates the mental (emotional, cognitive), physical, social, and spiritual needs of the persons served. Chaplains deliver, monitor, and facilitate a broad range of spiritual services that provide opportunities for inmates to pursue individual spiritual beliefs and practices of their own choosing, in a manner that is consistent with the security and good order of the facility.

Spirituality can be a significant agent of change for many individuals. Thus, chaplains serve as critical staff members that assist inmates who choose this path to enhance their knowledge of and commitment to the beliefs and practices of their faith. At the same time, chaplains work in collaboration with other clinical staff in support of formal treatment programs within the four-dimensional model.

As a professionally trained and formally designated faith leader, chaplains are responsible for the following:

  • Developing programs related to spirituality for inmates
  • Coordinating all spirituality activities that take place within the facility
  • Providing spiritual counseling and guidance upon request to those inmates of the chaplain’s faith group
  • Assisting any inmate with special requests for literature, sacred items, holy day observances, dietary needs, or access to an officially credentialed spiritual advisor
  • Providing guidance to facility directors on any matters of faith expression
  • Collaborating with the clinical team by responding to any direct referrals for counseling and/or treatment options
  • Assuming the lead role in delivering emergency notifications and assisting with any related crisis counseling
  • Serving in the role of spiritual advisor to any staff member requesting their counsel

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